Jihadi Death Cult Strikes Again

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The tragic outcome of the Orlando shooting is not just limited to the victims and their families.  The real tragedy is that our country’s leadership continues the staggering ignorance of the true nature of the problem and the path to a real solution. Echo 612 is founded on  and operates under the premise that there is a spiritual war afoot with very real physical consequences; the Orlando shooting is just one evidence of this.

The American church pulpits are also missing in action on this subject. The Christian response is to pray against the demons from hell animating these Neo-Salifist Jihadi Death Cult members. If this concept resonates with you, stop reading right now and say an offensive assaultive prayer in the spirit against them and for clarity for our country’s leaders.

I spent the morning screaming at the television when our country’s leaders waste no time in deflecting from the real cause to pointing the finger at the weapons.  This is as nonsensical as correlating the problem facing the U.S. in the run up to WW 2 with the Nazis, to it being a problem with submarines. NO! It is an ideological problem. Similarly, it would be as inane for us during the Cold War with a Marxist, Godless, Communist Totalitarian system of the former Soviet Union for us to speak against the Russian AK 47 factory as our enemy. NO! It was the ideology!

One of the best outlines of this concept is laid out in the book by Dr. Sebastian Gorka in the book entitled, Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War.

Another excellent resource that completely brackets the problem is Defeating ISIS by Malcom Nance; a must read.

These types of attacks will continue unless we as a nation do something different.

Let us know what you think.

Peace and Blessings,

Dr. Mike

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