Congratulations on the Victory of Our Friends

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NPU Victory in Karmalesh

NPU Victory in Karmalesh

Victory Cross placement dug by our Friendimg_20151210_050102

Today was a very big day for our friends on the Nineveh Plains North and East of Mosul. Forces of the Nineveh Plains Protection Unit managed to retake the town of Karemlesh also known as Qaraqosh today and the town of Bartella to the North yesterday.  These are both Christian suburbs with a population, between the two towns, of 60,000. These were Christians who fled during the ISIS expansion  across Northern Iraq in July of 2014.  I can not tell you the heartbreak I felt meeting with our brave brothers and sisters who fled from these two towns during our relief trips to Iraq. These were professional people who had very nice lives and were driven from their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs

While this is a battle victory there is much, much more work to do. We are only seeing the light at the end of the Relief tunnel. But, like in any disaster, there are three phases; Relief, Restoration, and Rebuilding. The restoration phase is critical as people take inventory of their devastated lives and organize ways to get back to their homes. This phase will take months. Rebuilding for some of these towns will take a decade or more. An easy way to support is to visit our Friends of Echo612 page

victory-crosssmall-npu-victory-crossI’m proud to consider myself a little more than a “honorary” member of the NPU. How about you? If you have not gotten into the fight yet, now is the time with the enemy on the run! Don’t forget to pray too. Today, I assure you is a massive answer to prayer!


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