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Currently in the Middle East there are millions of Christians who have had their lives stolen by the so-called Islamic State. Prayer is the core to combating these evil forces. Pictured above is Dr. Mike praying over the Nineveh Plains including, Telskuf (site of the May 3rd 2016 ultimate sacrifice of U.S. Navy Seal) and Bartella, Christian towns that have been vacated with the advance of ISIS in the background of the photo.

Built around Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, chapter 6 verse 12, Dr. Mike founded Echo 612 as a response to this injustice and genocide. After watching the slaughter and extermination of Christians and other minorities in Middle East, Dr. Mike, a Christian man of Armenian heritage whose family escaped the Armenian genocide that commenced exactly 100 years ago, had had enough. On his own time and money, Dr. Mike answered the call, traveled to Iraq in the Spring of 2015, and sitting down with victims of the so-called Islamic State, set his resolution to do something about their suffering.

The major goal of Echo 612  during the crisis period is to follow in the command of Christ in John 21:15-17, to “feed my sheep.” For Dr. Mike this means both supporting organizations that provide for the corporal needs (food, medicine, clothing etc.) of ISIS’s victims and direct delivery of relief through Iraqi Christian and Yezidi leaders on the ground. 

The inaction, and indeed culpability, of the Western governments to help those terrorized by ISIS makes it abundantly clear that stirring the masses and finding a solution for the suffering of Islamic terror rests in the courage and resolve of we the people of goodwill, to stand up to and fight against the depraved evil that is ISIS.   

We invite you to join with us, answer the call and break down the gates of hell. We are certain that the powers of darkness and the spiritual forces of evil cannot stand against us.


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