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In the spring of 2015 Dr. Mike traveled to Iraq to sit down with the victims of ISIS. Gathering their stories, and with the help of photographer Jeff Gardner of the Picture Christians Project, their images, Dr. Mike sought to understand their circumstances better, to return to the States with a strong, clear call for all men and women of good faith to step forward and do something about this unholy deprivation.

In December of 2015 Dr. Mike returned to assist the those oppressed and captured by ISIS.  Through contacts made in the first expeditionary trip, numerous operatives were developed leading to further support of those purchasing slaves and smuggling out of Mosul. Much direct aid was delivered to Christians and Yezidi’s standing up to and fighting ISIS including sabotage operations in behind enemy lines in Mosul.

In May of 2017  We were pleased to travel to the Nineveh Plain in May of 2017.  I was pleasantly accompanied on this trip by Mrs. Dr. Mike.  We were able to collect very relevant information on the challenges and encroachments facing Christians and Yezidis as they contemplate returning to their respective homes.  There is a wide spectrum of home conditions ranging from complete destruction to looted and burned to fully intact and able to move in immediately.  All of the return of citizens will be subject to the restoration of basic civil services the most import of which is security.  To that end we were honored to visit with and our friends in the NPU holding their ground in towns like Telskuf, Batnaya, Karmaless, and Qaraqoosh.

Bringing food to the hungry - Iraq, 2015
 Bringing food to the hungry - Iraq, 2015
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